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PT Astra Otoparts Tbk – Corporate - 2010
Astra Otoparts received an award as TheTrusted Company 2010 in implementing GCG from the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Governance (IICG).

Astra Otoparts received Corporate Governance Award 2010 from the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD) and Investor Magazine for Best in Role of Stakeholders category. The award was the second since 2009.

Astra Otoparts obtained Business Review Award 2010, as the Best 1 Marketing Management of the Year 2010.

Astra Otoparts was given Asia’s Best Companies 2010 Award by Finance Asia, as Indonesia Best Mid-Cap (1st Runner-Up).
Astra Otoparts was granted SWA 100 Award: Indonesia’s Best Public Companies 2010, as the `Best Wealth Creator 2010`.

Astra Otoparts was named Indonesia’s Most Admired Company (IMAC) 2010 as The Best in Building and Managing Corporate Image for Automotive Spare Parts Category. Astra Otoparts has collected the award for four consecutive years since 2007.

Astra Otoparts received Asean Automotive Award from Frost & Sullivan, Category: Automotive Component Manufacturer of the Year. Astra Otoparts has award for three consecutive years received the since 2008.

Astra Otoparts received Rekor Bisnis (Rebi) Award from TERA Foundation in collaboration with Seputar Indonesia Newspaper as the Automotive Spare Parts the Largest Network.

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