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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility
In line with its vision and mission, Astra Otoparts embeds Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program as an integral part of business activities. The company realized that its business activities would bring economic, social as well as environment impact to local communities around company’s premises. Therefore, the CSR activities developed by Astra Otoparts reflects company’s responsibility to all the stakeholders.

Astra Otoparts implements Astra Friendly Company (AFC) management system which is the standard management system of CSR implementation to all the companies in Astra group. The AFC criterias become the guideline to build a quality social relationship between the company and all of their stakeholders, including employee and family, shareholders, customers, distributors, communities, government, environment, and public. The balanced and harmonious relationship must be developed and maintained, in order to create a mutual partnership with all the stakeholders. Through AFC standards, the company is expected to integrate social aspects in every business decision and also implement systematic work program that meet stakeholder’s right.

The company’s strategic plan on CSR is basically consist of three elements which are People, Planet, Profit, with each of them is focused on four elements: education, environment, health, and entrepreneurship development.

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