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Guideline of Business Ethics and Work Ethics

1. Business Ethics

A value system elaborated from Corporate Philosophy and Basic Principles of Astra and followed by business organization or a group of business organizations as reference to have connection with the both internal and external environment.


1.1. Good Corporate Citizen


Company, Board of Directors, Management and Employees (here in after referred to as ‘Company’) and Board of Commissioners in acting, performing business and obligations, contributing benefit which can be enjoyed by the society, nation and country.

In achieving Good Corporate Citizen:

  •  The Company shall consistently perform its obligation as business institution in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.
  • The Company shall determine and perform its business in legal, honest, open, and responsible manner and in concordance with the acceptable moral and social norms and avoid from making the public suffer the loss.
  •  The Company shall build and establish good relationship with wide range of parties in the effort of networking, such as: Institutions, Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations and Associations.
  • The Company shall be susceptive to and concerned about social and economical issues emerging in the environment in particular and in the country in general.
  • The Company shall maintain the environment preservation, and manage waste as per prevailing laws and regulations.
  • The Company shall take active participation in various experiences and knowledge and behave transparently.
  • The Company wherever it is shall bring benefit and be acceptable as well as supported by the society in the environment.
  • Particularly for Small and Mid Business Supplier, the Company may provide technical guidance in maintaining/improving the quality of goods and services.


1.2. Good Corporate Governance


Corporate and Business Management which is fairly, transparently, and responsibly performed in order to achieve the Corporate’s goal which refers to the document of Good Corporate Governance Code of Conduct.

In applying Good Corporate Governance:

  • The Company shall comply with the principles of Good Corporate Governance: Transparency, Accountabilty, Responsibility, Independency, and Feasibility to improve the Corporate performance whose final objective is to improve the stakeholder value.
  • The Board of Commissioners and management shall understand and act as example of behavior for the employees.
  • The Company shall emphasize on the implementation of strong and consisten business ethics to create, maintain and build admirable behavior in management and employees.
  • The Company shall effectively carry this out in order to improve the stakeholder value and protect other stakeholder’s rights.
  • The Board of Commissioners and management shall prevent the emergence of conflict of interest, either directly or indirectly, including among others, by making insider trading.
  • The Board of Commissioners and company are not allowed to take or give any kind of reward from parties in transcation or of interest, either directly or indirectly.
  • The Board of Commissioners and company shall maintain the security and confidentiality as well as limit the access from the non-interested parties over the corporate data and information. 

2. Work Ethics

A value system which is individually followed including relationship ethics between the employee and company. The work ethics regulates the internal relations in the company, i.e., between employee and company in general.

The cumulation of attitude, behavior, and way of relationship and how the work process is implemented will eventually build “Work Culture” which is one of the important elements in the Company.

Work ethics include the followings:

  • Employees’ attitude in Company
  • Employees’ attitude with authority and position in Company
  • Relationship between employees and the boss and subordinates.
  • Relationship among employees.

Below is further explanation about the aforesaid items.

Employees in Company:

  • Being good corporate citizen, subject to corporate rules and prevailing laws and regulations.
  • Utilizing and developing the potential in optimum manner for corporate interest.
  • Taking part in creating conducive working environment and collectively building good work culture.

Employees with authority and position in Company:

  • Utilizing with full responsibility for the Corporate rather than personal or certain parties’ interest.
  • Keeping and using all data, information, assets and facilities of the company for the Corporate interest and preventing from using them for personal or certain parties' interest.
  • Maintaining the good image of Company through attitude and behavior, both inside and ouside the company.

Employee with Boss and Subordinate in Company:

  • The boss as role model, Board of Directors and adviser for the subordinates and responsible for the his/her behavior, performance and his/her subordinates’ performance in the Company.
  • The subordinates shall actively make self-development and express their potential under direction and responsibility of their boss.
  • Mutually accepting, respecting and establishing cooperation in open atmosphere based on the sincerity and good faith. 

Relationship among employees:

  • Mutually respecting, encouraging the spirit and building cooperation in each assignment and responsibility.
  • Developing integrity, openness and abundance in harmonious relationship as corporate citizens.

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