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Founded as PT Alfa Delta Motor with businesses in trading of auto industry, assembling of machineries, and construction. PT Alfa Delta Motor was owned by William Soeryadjaja and PT Djaya Pirusa.

PT Alfa Delta Motor changed its name into PT Pacific Western.

PT Pacific Western changed its name into PT Menara Alam Tehnik and changed the owners to PT Summa Surya, PT Windu Tri Nusantara and PT Multivest.

Astra acquired PT Summa Surya’s shares in PT Menara Alam Tehnik.

Astra acquired all shares of PT Menara Alam Teknik, and changed the name of PT Menara Alam Teknik, into PT Menara Alam Pradipta.

PT Menara Alam Pradipta changed its name into PT Astra Pradipta Internusa. Then a merger occurred among several parts companies within Astra Group, i.e. PT Astra Pradipta Internusa & PT Federal Adiwira Serasi (PT Federal Adiwira Serasi as surviving company). PT Federal Adiwira Serasi changed its name into PT Astra Dian Lestari.

PT Astra Dian Lestari changed its name into PT Astra Otoparts.

PT Astra Otoparts became a public listed company by listing its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange, with transaction code: AUTO.

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