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  • The Company through PT Ardendi Jaya Sentosa together with its joint venture partner PT Kiat Inovasi Indonesia and PT Kiat Mahesa Wintor Indonesia established a subsidiary under the name of PT Kiat Mahesa Wintor Distributor (KMWD) which will sell and distribute AMMDes KMW units and spare parts as well provide post-sales technical support services.


  • Realized a memorandum of understanding in March 2018 to form a company that designs and manufactures Kiat Mahesa Wintor Indonesia (KMW) as a manifestation of collaboration program of AMMDes, PT Velasto Indonesia and PT Kiat Inovasi Indonesia officially established PT Kiat Mahesa Wintor Indonesia (KMWI) in Jakarta, on May 31, 2018.


  • Seeing the increasingly dynamic and fast needs of vehicle users, Retail Division Astra Otoparts presents a new innovation, Oil Home Delivery, to make it easy for customers to change their oil anywhere and anytime without coming directly to the Shop & Drive outlet.


  • Astra Otoparts and Pirelli Launch DIABLO ROSSO CORSA II that specially designed for underbone motorcycles. With new multi-compound technology, this motorcycle tyre can acomodate needs of front grip features during turn-in and smooth braking with rear grip on full lean angle from mid-corner.

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