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Core Values


Objective: To unite all company's citizens, to be in one common direction to move forward in realizing the company's vision.


Strategy Blue Print

Strategy blue print formulated process has been conducted since mid year 2008. Followed by the socialization events during year 2009 to all level of managements, started from the board of directors of subsidiaries/affiliated companies to the lowest managerial level.

Objective: To form a common direction to realize the company's vision (“Rumah AOP”).


Core Values

In year 2009 the company's core values has been set up, which includes:

- Trustworthy and Reliable
- Customer Focus
- Passion for Excellence
- Teamwork

The definition of the core values respectively :

1. Trustworthy and Reliable
Determined and able to prove what was said and mandated in accordance to his/her duties as well as the principles of GCG (Good Corporate Governance) prevailed in Astra Otoparts Group.

2. Customer Focus
Always look for opportunities to provide more than customers' expectation through best efforts and continuous innovation in all fields.

3. Passion for Excellence
Always have a passionate desire to achieve a better result than the demands.

4. Teamwork
Proud to be part of Astra Otoparts Group and committed to exchange ideas and help each other in order to achieve common success for the sake of Astra Otoparts Group.

Socialization has been conducted to all level of managements as well as employees through establishing master trainers who are ready to socialize the values and become the change agents.

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